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Nectar Sunglasses has signed Jamie O’BrienNectar Sunglasses has signed Jamie O’Brien! Jaimie continues to push the limits of the surfing industry and always showcases his talents on the North Shore of Hawaii and worldwide. Nectar released Jamie's Signature Series "Mahalo" sunnies that have a custom JOB logo printed on the inside of the left arm. Sean Holmes, co-founder of Nectar Sunglasses said, “Jaime represents the sweet life 110% , and that is what we’re all about. We are stoked to have him on the team and are excited to build this partnership.”
The Proper Technique Skateboarding Lessons

SkateBoard Lessons with Aaron Morgan From "The Proper Technique" SkateBoard Instruction

Hey kids, tell your mom your to old for Chucky Chedders and take private skate lessons for your birthday! Your friends will think it's cool and you might even learn some new skate tricks. SkateBoarding Lessons...

Skateboard Ramp Building Plans

Learn How to Build A Halfpipe Mini Ramp Today! Download Halfpipe Mini Ramp Plans or The Beginner's Guide To Building Ramps

Are you looking for easy to use mini ramp plans? Do you want to quickly learn how to build a skateboard or BMX ramp today?


Strickly Boarding Surf Jewelry Model Jenna Putnam

Strickly Boarding Surf Jewelry launches website redesign

Coming into summer the days are getting longer, the air and ocean warmer and the south swells starting to pulse into Southern California. We have also entered into a season of change with our brand new (yet familiar) website. Read More and Check out the Cool Designs!

EPS Epoxy Surfboard Ding Repair

EPS Epoxy Surfboard Ding Repair Step by Step Procedure with Pictures By Boarding.com

This Ding Repair Procedure is applicable for hand shaped EPS Epoxy Surfboards. It's relatively easy but if your mechanically challenged take it to a local Ding Repair or Surf Shop. Read More EPS Epoxy Surfboard Ding Repair Step by Step Procedure with Pictures By Boarding.com

Surf Video - Pipeline, North Shore Oahu, Feb. 15th, 2007

Surf Video Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii - Feb15th, 2007

Big west swell and the boys are charging. Check it out!

Blackberry 7130

Crowds and Cell Phones.

We're all guilty of this one. You're down checking your local spot and you notice it looks kind of fun and the crowd is minimal. Nice... You think, hey? I'll call my buddy and tell him to come down because it looks fun. It so happens that the other 5 or 6 guys on the beach have done the same thing. Then all of the "buddies" call someone else and so on. By the time you get suited up and out in the line up the parking lot is filling up and the spot is crowded. Read More...



Boarding Reviews

Tim Stamps EPS Surfboard

Tim Stamps EPS/Epoxy surfboard. It may be one of the best boards I have ever ridden.

The board is 6'6" x 18½ x 2 3/8". It's thin, narrow and lightweight for a guy my size (6', 200lbs.). The EPS foam is more buoyant and allows for less overall board volume. It floats, paddles and catches waves well. More..

Carve Board
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